Leaky Gut Syndrome Explained

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Gut health has become trendy in recent years with the increase of using probiotics, drinking kombucha, and being mindful of the choices we make when it comes to food. This is great -- it's about time the general public learned how much the gut plays a roll in overall health. It's even been touted your "second brain" -- it's absolutely crucial to learn all you can learn about gut health and get on top of it!
Leaky Gut Syndrome is one issue many people deal with when it comes to gut health. So, what is Leaky Gut? Your gut has the natural ability to permeate small molecules. For those that are sensitive, under stress, ill or aging, proteins called zonulin are released which destroy the intestinal linings.
To put it clearly, when that zonulin starts wreaking havoc, you wind up with what's known as a leaky gut. When that happens, microbes, toxins, particles of undigested food, and a lot more releases out of your intestines and gets into your bloodstream. Your immune system then flags them as invaders and begins attacking them.
Inflammatory foods can cause leaky gut syndrome, as does gluten, infections, and toxins. Your doctor can help give a proper diagnosis, so if you suffer from things like digestive woes, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, skin problems and joint pain to name a few, ask your doctor about leaky gut syndrome and if it may be a factor for you.
Even if you suspect you may be dealing with a leaky gut, it can't hurt to try eliminating problem foods to remove toxins and inflammatory agents to get to the source. This is an excellent practice for anyone, in general, to learn what foods work best for you and what foods need to be eliminated.
Remove all the "bad."
The first step is to cut out any items that harm your GI tract. So, it's time to ditch the inflammatory foods (think junk foods) and focus on healthy, whole foods.
Replace with good stuff
Once you eliminate potential problem-causers, add more essential items that aid in digestion. Dark leafy greens, probiotics, and digestive enzymes are a great place to start.
Get busy re-inoculating
Your gut thrives on beneficial bacteria for a healthy balance. Get those pre- and probiotics in there that it needs for your best health.
Help the gut repair
Once a nice homeostasis is restored to your gut, start giving it the nutrients it needs to recover officially. Things like L-glutamine will help restore your gut wall lining.
It's not too late to get your health back. If you suspect leaky gut syndrome to be the cause of your health issues, talk to your medical professional and begin working on restoring your gut health today.

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