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As a Certified Health Coach and mother of two girls, I've always tried to be aware of what I was eating and feeding my kids. I'd often be out and about with the kids when hunger would strike and was disappointed with the options available. I'd try to have a snack handy but often I'd forget to replenish it and have nothing available. I longed for a quick and easy healthy snack while on the go for those moments when I was unprepared. 


One day during a visit to my daughter's district high school, I noticed the options they were offering the students. It was once again the foods that I'd HAVE to resort to when I was out. Why couldn't the healthier packaged snacks I had at home be just as easily available as the packaged snacks I could easily get my hands on?

I spoke to the District Food Director and asked about a healthy vending machine as an option. He said I could put one in the cafeteria. Except I knew nothing about vending. I researched and read all about it and purchased a machine for the local high school. Then I thought I should put one in the middle school as well. The machine at the high school was so popular that I needed to put another machine in the building. 

As time went on, I was asked by people if I'd put one in their office or fitness studio. Before I knew it, I had a healthy vending business.

It's not what I planned on

doing but I love making

healthier options more 

available so that others

don't have the problem

finding healthier options

like I once did.

Watch to hear more about my story

Starts around minute 15


Our products

Contain all or most of the benefits below
No artificial ingredients


Such as artificial coloring, sweetener or flavors.

Nutritional benefit


Addition of healthy ingredients to enhance the nutritional benefit of the product

No high fructose


High fructose corn syrup is a known culprit of obesity and health problems

Natural or organic


So you can feel good about where and how it is sourced



Eliminate the effects of genetically modified organisms

No trans fat


Trans fats are known to be bad for your health



More energy
No work for the location
Better concentration
Increase productivity
Eliminate afternoon slump
Set a good example
Custom menu for each location
Many, many more!


Not only are the snacks and beverages awesome, the vending person likes to take suggestions for snacks to help personalize it to the tastes and preferences of the people accessing the vending machine, imagine that!

Thank you so much for the vending machine choices!  It is incredibly difficult to get a  ‘snack on the go’ when you have food allergies! 

Thank you for providing vending options that support our wellness initiatives!”

Lisa J.





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