Turning Your “To-Do” List into a “To-Be” List for Improved Productivity

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Are to-do lists daunting to you? For me, staring on a to-do list can be extremely overwhelming and lead down the road of procrastination. See, the thing with those "to-do" lists is that they usually contain a not-so-effective word. Should. It's not that it's a bad word, but when you're trying to make goals and stick to them, "should" feels more like what others expect of us rather than what we genuinely expect of ourselves.
Instead, we "should" be putting the focus on what we desire. That's why making a "to-be" list is best, which will lead you right down the alley of the "to-do" you're after. Once I made this shift into writing "to be" lists for myself, a weight was lifted from my shoulders.
Personally, I think we focus too much on what we need to DO, instead of who we need and desire to BE. We're so much more than a worker bee sailing through to-do lists every day of the week, and acknowledging that is huge.
So, what is this "to be" list I speak of, and how do you do it?
First, start by writing it down.
Take a moment to yourself to think about what you want to become. Do you want to be a better parent? An artist? More focused on your health? Whatever it is, think about what would bring you the most joy.
Compare it to your "to-do" list
Next, hold that "to-be" list up next to your "to-do" list. If your "to-do" list doesn't support the things you want to be, you need to make some adjustments.
Make it tangible
What is it you want to become? Your "to-be" list and "to-do" list should mirror each other. Perhaps you want to be more organized. Then your "to-do" list might instruct you to take on an organizational project, like clearing out the garage. Perhaps you want more spirituality. Then your "to-do" list would include time for you to explore that.
Always keep your lists at hand
Both of your lists should always be near so you can refer to them in times when you need more inspiration to stick to your goals. When you set clear paths to your goals, it's so much easier to become what you dream of being.
Shift your focus
So many times, we zero in our focus on the things we lack. Instead, we need to think of where we intend to go without bashing ourselves. No matter the goal, you must focus on enriching your life and filling it with purpose.
It's essential to keep on the right path to accomplishing your goals.
Set your priorities about who you want to become, and you'll have an easier time on the journey to getting there. And really, isn't that where all the fun is? Go for it!
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