Healthy at Home

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As I write this, my husband is in my office on a conference call so I'm on the couch and the kids have interrupted me 100 times including once to ask if I had any photos of their feet. Not sure what that's about.
These are uncertain times and it's very unsettling. We don't know how long this will last, how bad it will be and how life will look after this. The best we can do now is take it one day at a time or one hour at a time. This is not the time to feel pressure and guilt about how much we are eating or watching tv or not doing what we are "supposed" to be doing.
Be patient with yourself. You are living in a historical time and there is no right or wrong in how you are feeling or handling it. We will get through this and I look forward to the day we are on the other side of this and can reflect on this trying time and see the positives that came out of it. No more jam-packed schedules and passing each other by in and out of the house. No more family meals on the run and quick hellos/goodbyes.
Now is the time we hit the reset button. Come back to the things that matter, our health and family and supporting one another. We can do this and come out stronger. It feels long and hard now but I believe there is beauty on the other side.
People are helping each other any way they can and in very creative ways. Families are bonding and getting the quality time together that they've needed but haven't been able to attain. People are finding new appreciation in the things they once took for granted such as grocery stores filled with everything we need, whenever we want it. We have new-found appreciation for people such as nurses and doctors who work tirelessly to help others while we sit home. The earth is getting some much-needed repair with pollution going down.
There's never been a time like this and we, not only as a country but as the entire world, are in this together. We can see first-hand how interconnected we are and how we can help one another. We can make the most of this and get through this together.
The coronavirus is trying to destroy us but we will not let it. Please do the right thing and stay home as much as you possibly can and hug the loved ones that you are sheltered with. Help in any way you can and try to make the best of this difficult situation.
Deep breaths...
Sending good wishes and good health your way!

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