How to Become Your Own Strongest Health Advocate

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One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be your strongest health advocate. It may seem overwhelming at times, but once you establish certain habits and remain consistent, it becomes much easier. HealthyMe Living invites you to keep reading for tips about how you can take charge of your health care.

Determine Where There’s Room for Improvement

If you want to be your biggest advocate, start by determining what areas of your healthy lifestyle could benefit from improvements, even if you're often working. Some suggestions can be to eat more fruits and vegetables, skip unhealthy beverages and foods, walk as often as possible, and cut ties with those who don’t make you feel good mentally and/or physically. Consider implementing changes little by little so you don't get overwhelmed.

Create a List of Questions

Many patients hesitate to ask medical professionals questions because they don’t want to feel awkward or like they’re being a bother. However, feeling comfortable and confident with asking questions is a big part of knowing where you stand with your own health. If you think of any questions you want to ask a medical professional, write them down and bring the list with you to your next appointment or call the office.

Know Your Numbers

It's important to know what your health numbers are on a daily basis, especially if you have medical conditions. For example, monitor your blood pressure and how many hours you're sleeping every night so you not only have the information for your own research but are able to supply relevant figures for medical professionals if a situation ever arises where they're required. Keep the numbers easily accessible in case you need them.

Find the Right Medical Professional

There’s a big difference between finding a medical professional and finding the right one for you. If you feel like you’re not getting the care or attention you deserve, or you think a second opinion is necessary, don’t hesitate to do more research. Find someone you’re more comfortable with who gives you the proper time, treatment, and respect.

Get Excited About Healthy Eating

Healthy eating doesn’t have to equate to food that’s not delicious. From zucchini noodles to grilled chicken fajitas, there are many fantastic and nutritious meal options perfect for any time of the day. Do research on different healthy recipes that appeal to your tastes and dietary restrictions, and incorporate as many of them as possible into your daily life. You can also visit HealthyMe Living to get nutritious subscription boxes with delicious snacks delivered to your home!

Create a Healthcare PDF

You never know when you’ll need to have your healthcare information readily available, and creating a PDF on your tablet or phone can grant you that option at any time. Include any relevant information you feel you may need at some point. Share this document with your doctor and emergency contact in case they need to access it if you're unable to. 

Earn a Healthcare-Related Degree 

Obtaining a nursing degree gives you a deeper understanding of human anatomy and physiology, including the various systems that make up our bodies and how they work. This knowledge can help you to better take care of yourself by allowing you to make educated decisions about your own healthcare needs, such as diet and exercise habits. In addition, it allows you to spot potential problems or warning signs early on, so that you can seek treatment before complications develop. Enrolling in an online program is typically more affordable than in-person learning, and you’ll be able to complete the coursework at home at your own pace. 

Become Your Own Advocate

Advocating for your own health can be as simple as implementing a series of minor planned changes that lead to big results. Whether you’re living healthier or enrolling in a nursing program to learn about healthcare, use the ideas above to become your fiercest health advocate. 

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