Christmas Baking without artificial dye (plant-based)

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Baking is part of the holiday magic that no one should miss out on. The smell of cookies in the oven on a cold winter day can't be beat. The feeling you get when you take a bite of the familiar family recipe with loved ones all around you, is a moment that is good for the soul. While it may not be part of your "healthy diet" (whatever that means), it shouldn't be off limits. Be present and guilt-free as you enjoy this time.
Swapping artificial coloring with all natural coloring is an easy substitute. With these plant-based options, you can have fun baking and not feel like you are missing out at all. Nobody will say "these cookies are great but I really miss the flavor of Red 40."
Look how cute these plant-based sprinkles are. This bottle is ugly xmas sweater but they have many holiday options that are also super fun.
Is making white peppermint bark a favorite for you? No worries, you can get that exact peppermint candy cane flavor with these dye-free candy canes. Lots of great holiday baking includes candy canes.
candy cane
If you're making anything that needs some fun color, like a gingerbread house, there are lots of ways to get those great colors without artificial dye. If you're trying to achieve the red color, you can use beets or pomegranate as a great option. Their strong color and mild taste work very well for decorating.
There are also many plant-based food coloring selections. Here are two I'd tried:
food coloringfood coloring
So many great memories start in the kitchen. Take in these special moments with some enjoyable holiday baking.
If you can think of additional plant-based products that would be great for baking, I'd love to hear your ideas. Please email:

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