3 Time-Saving Breakfast Products for a Healthy School Year

  • 1 min read

Back to school time always is an adjustment period. It feels like such an accomplishment just to get everyone fed and out the door. Here are 3 easy breakfast ideas that include healthy products you can feel good about.

1. Smoothie in a cup with freeze-dried fruits and veggies (no additives) so it has a 2 year shelf life! No more throwing out rotting produce. You can just dump Sow Good into a blender, add liquid of your choice and use whenever you're ready. You can even just pour it back into the cup and off you go.

Sow Good

2. If smoothies aren't your thing, oatmeal is another speedy way to get everyone fed and fueled in the morning. Zego offers double protein organic oats so everyone will be ready for a full day ahead. If you do an oatmeal bake, you can put leftovers in the fridge and re-heat for the week.

3. Yogurt parfaits are also a fun and delicious breakfast. With some greek yogurt for protein and fresh fruit mixed in, you may be looking for a little crunch on top. You can really get creative with Safe & Fair's amazing flavors (all clean, plant-based ingredients). Yogurt parfaits can also be packed into school lunches and they'll enjoy sprinkling this granola on top. No worries about nut-free classrooms because Safe & Fair products are free from the top 9 allergens. 

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