11 Self-Care and Wellness Gift Ideas for Moms

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Being healthy doesn’t always revolve around healthy eating. Although our company strives to promote healthy snack alternatives, HealthyMe Living wants everyone to be feeling healthy and happy inside and out. So, why not try to give your Mother the best gift of being healthy and happy? Below we’ve listed some great self-care and wellness related gift ideas to help your special mom relax this year.
  • Silk pillow/Eye Mask 
    • Silk pillows are GREAT for retaining moisture in your skin and reduces hair frizz. Eye masks are also very nice and can make one feel very luxurious.
  • Makeup/Skincare Store Giftcards
    • Use this as a way to specialize a shopping day to get her good skincare products or makeup products.
  • Massage/Nail Certificates
    • Nothing says “relaxing” like a nice mani/pedi or a deep tissue massage.
  • Candles
    • There’s tons of varieties of candles to choose from. Whether its soy, eco-friendly, or even the ones you can melt that become a body oil are all great options.
  • Oil Diffuser
    • With different styles and sizes, a diffuser is a great choice for those who want to add some refreshing and relaxing oils to their down-time routine. (Be mindful certain oils are toxic to animals if they have pets).
  • Dry Brush
    • A newer concept that is used daily to help get rid of dry skin, aid in circulation, improve the appearance of cellulite, and detoxify/aid in digestion.
  • Weighted Blanket
    • Can be very comforting and is known for easing stress/improving sleep quality.
  • Aloe-Infused Socks
    • Super soft, comfy, and the aloe softens your feet.
  • Patio-Gardening Kit
    • Great to have as a start to a new hobby or keep fresh herbs handy in the kitchen.
  • Subscription Box 
    • (Hint hint) Is a great way to incorporate some new products into your life. Theres also tons of categories to choose from such as candy, international foods, health and wellness, fashion and makeup, and more.
  • Guided Book (Stress, Anxiety)
    • These are a great gift for those who struggle with stress or anxiety and can be very fun and relaxing.
These are a few different ideas to get you started on what to get your mom to show her how much you care.
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