Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Pumpkin Spice RX Bars: Trick or treat? Imagine a pumpkin pie. Now imagine a

pumpkin pie packed with protein. This seasonal RX bar made with all your favorite fall flavors, a touch of cinnamon, egg whites for protein, dates to bind, with nuts for texture. This protein bar is anything but basic, it’s well-balanced and not overly spicy. No trick. Just treat.

This Pumpkin Pie Larabar: There’s never a wrong time to eat pumpkin pie. Larabars are back with the traditional holiday dish made with no added sugar, lots of spice &

everything nice. This seasonably flavored bar contains 200 calories with an emphasis on all our fall tastes. 100% real ingredients, makes simple fall snacks feel good about eating. Clean eating just got a whole lot easier this fall.

Pumpkin Spice Lesser Evil Popcorn: ‘Tis the season to fall for this flavor. Packed with

so much pumpkin spice in this organic popcorn that it turned orange! 100% air-popped and tumbled in the highest quality oils including coconut oil, and avocado oil. Perfect for wherever your journey takes you this fall.

Pumpkin Pie Smashmallow: It’s a seasonal flavor smashup. The zing of pumpkin spice wafting through the air, this is no ordinary marshmallow. Each mouth-watering puff is made from deliciously non-GMO ingredients for an instant sweet-tooth snack. The taste compared to our favorite seasonal pumpkin spice latte, but only 100 calories, 0 fat, and low sugar. Definitely a guilt-free snack to treat your taste buds.

Pumpkin Spice Boomchickapop: Pumpkin Spice Flavored Kettle Corn! A gluten free snack that doubles as a satisfying fall treat. These little bites are delicately coated with

pumpkin and cinnamon spice for a perfect snack. 0 grams transfat, only 110 calories per cup, and whole grain, Boomchickapop’s popcorn remains a super-healthy snack. Cozy up with a bag today.


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