Trick or Treating the healthier way

Halloween is around the corner. My kids are getting all excited and gearing up for trick or treating. I always struggle with knowing what to give out for Halloween. I really don't like giving out the usual Halloween candy. It's not that I don't allow my kids to eat it, they eat PLENTY of it around Halloween, it's just EVERYWHERE. Between school, parties, afterschool activities, etc. the kids are getting candy and treats all over. They participate in all the festivities so I feel that I should try and balance it out.

While I'm not going to be handing out apples, I try to come up with something that's just a little better than the usual. They also begged me to give out candy so that our house doesn't get "egged" (it never has). So we compromised. We are giving out healthier options such as veggie chips but also candy and non-food options. The candy we are handing out will at least be free of artificial coloring and ingredients. It's small changes but it's something.

Each year I'm always impressed with how excited the kids are with the different options we have offered. Hopefully there's something here for everyone to enjoy. My kids are happy with the choices and I think our trick or treaters will be too.

Looking for some healthier trick or treat options?

Here are some we like that can be found at Target:

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