How to Participate in Nutrition Month

What comes to your mind on the first day of a new month? As February came to an end we thanked ourselves for the progression we made during those weeks. From waking up and starting our day on a positive note to balancing healthy eating and fitness throughout our work day and coming home to end the night with some self care and family laughter. Of course we had a few days where we couldn’t seek motivation and maybe even cheated on our meal plan- but hey, that’s okay we’re only human and we deserve to treat ourselves! If anything, we always have a second chance, just like this month’s new beginning! Today marks the first day of #NutritionMonth, what are you going to change in your daily routine to participate in this health challenge? Here are a few ideas:

  • Try new recipes from Eating Well’s online “cookbook”

  • As the weather gets warmer change up your workout by: hiking a mountain, swimming in the pool, paddle boarding, walking 10,000+ steps outdoors each day, or inviting a few friends to practice a sport

  • Join HealthyMELiving’s new Facebook group to connect with other motivated health gurus!

  • Get your family and children involved in this health movement! Check out Food and Health for more advice!

  • Pack a picnic basket and enjoy lunch outdoors! HealthyMELiving’s subscription boxes have the perfect snacks for you to share with friends this Spring!

  • Wake up a little earlier than normal and journal a list of things you want to complete that day! Mental health is important too!

  • Stay on track with your water intake. Try to drink at least three bottles of water each day!

The most important factor for you to keep in mind this March is the belief that YOU CAN stick with your journey to living a healthy lifestyle! We believe in YOU and you should belief in YOURSELF as well! For any questions or help with balancing nutrition and fitness please reach out to us at HealthyMELiving, we’re happy to assist you in reaching your health goals! You can do it!

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