What is healthy?

I'm often asked if (fill in the blank) is healthy. I find it to be a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many things. It's just not always black and white. Sure, it's pretty safe to say deep fried Oreos are probably unhealthy and organic spinach is healthy. But what if you have a thyroid problem and are eating a lot of spinach, maybe it's not so healthy then. As I'm sure you've noticed, the verdict is constantly changing. Red wine is good, no it's bad. Coffee is good for you, never mind it's not. I can't keep up with all the changes. There's only one way to know for sure and that's to listen to your body and learn what's healthy for YOU.

Is milk healthy? Is gluten ok? Definitely not if you're lactose intolerant or have Celiac disease. We are all so different and foods effect us differently. What might feel good for one person to eat, makes another person feel terrible. It's not just about how it tastes. I'm sure many lactose intolerant people would love a big bowl of ice cream and thinks it tastes delicious. Then their body tells them that ice cream isn't going to work for them. They learn by what their body is telling them by how they feel after. Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's obvious. The more we listen to our bodies, the better we will feel.

Our bodies are unique and complex and this is why no one diet works for everyone. We're all on different paths to healthy and sometimes we take steps forward and sometimes we get a little off track but we're all on our own individual path. You might ask if caesar salad is a healthy lunch (most of us know that salads can be deceiving). My answer is usually "it depends". Not only does it depend on how the salad is made and what's on it (cheese, croutons, etc.) but where are you on your path? If you normally swing by McDonald's and get two Big Macs and fries, this might be taking a step in the right direction. If you normally eat quite healthily, I would say this wouldn't be the most healthy choice.

It's not about being perfect and doing everything right. It's about finding what's right for you and just taking a step in the right direction. We're constantly being bombarded with what we should or shouldn't eat and then get down on ourselves when we eat the "wrong" thing. When we slow down and find out what our bodies really need, that's how we can feel our healthiest. That's when we have the most energy, think clearly, feel strong, feel good and release weight. If we just focus on weight as the only goal, we're missing out on all those other things. It would be nice to be the size that we hope for, unless we are that size and feeling tired, miserable and deprived.

By taking a holistic approach to your health, you're giving yourself your best life instead of just the number you wanted to see on the scale. You can have it all. You just need to discover your own healthy.

If you'd like a Holistic Health Coach to guide and support you on your path to finding your healthy, you can do that here.


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