Healthy Habits BEFORE the Holidays

I don't know about you, but each year the holidays seem to come quicker and with more pressure. We can't even get through Halloween without seeing the Christmas stuff trickling in. The second we say trick or treat, it's full on holiday craze. We get bombarded with catalogs, commercials, emails, etc. It used to be that after Thanksgiving came Black Friday and then we felt the holiday pressures. This more drawn out season seems to draw out the stress and pressures as well.

Along with the push for the hottest kid toys, comes the intricate and indulgent holiday foods. Every year we want to out do ourselves and it becomes a big burden. In the midst of all this added burden, we lose a bit of the joy that comes with the holidays. Sometimes this gives us reason to "indulge", "treat ourselves" or "deserve" the goodies that are surrounding us this time of year. While we certainly can enjoy these yummy foods, we should do it for the right reasons.

We all know we need to slow down but it's easier said than done. In this digital age of constant information being thrown at us, it's hard to navigate what needs our attention and what doesn't. If we can put a little more focus on ourselves and work on a few easy healthy habits before the holidays, we can gain a lot of clarity, focus, efficiency and joy in our holiday busyness.

It's not that we can't enjoy all those indulgences during the holidays but certain strategies can help make it so we don't overdo and feel guilty and gross. No one wants to diet during the holidays (I don't really like the word "diet" to begin with) or feel deprived. The key is to find the joy and feel good during this time. Why spend so much time focusing on food and what you should and shouldn't eat or about how you shouldn't have eaten what you ate? That doesn't do anyone any good.

Lets do things different this year. With a few small changes, we can create healthy habits before the holidays which will carryover through the holiday season and make eating a breeze. This year lets focus on joy not guilt!

Join me for a FREE program starting November 13th where we will work on the 5 Healthy Habits for the Holidays. Hope to see you there and support one another. Can't wait!

Sign up now to reserve your spot. It's free, no strings attached, I promise. It's my holiday gift to you!

Any questions, contact me at

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