Healthy Halloween

Halloween is a tricky time to stick with healthier treats for kids (and us too!). There's the candy, of course, but also the cider donuts, brightly colored cookies and cupcakes, etc. I totally agree that we should let kids be kids but there are ways to make Halloween fun and delicious in healthier ways. I know that no matter what I do at home, my kids will not be lacking in the sugar department around Halloween.

My oldest daughter has been into cooking lately so we came up with "Brain Tomatoes". Hallowed out tomatoes filled with whole grain rice and sprinkled with cheese. All four of us enjoyed them as a side dish for dinner.

When we saw Starbucks had come out with a new Zombie Frappaccino drinks, we decided we had to experiment to make a healthy version. We knew the green part would be easy. We have so many green smoothies recipes we like. We weren't sure how to do the bloody topping without artificial syrupy gunk. My girls genuinely enjoyed drinking our healthy version and loved the fun look of it.

Another things that I'm torn on, is what to give out to trick-or-treaters. I know they all want the candy but when they have a huge bag filled, I don't feel like they are excited for another snickers bar. When they see different things that they can have as a snack or put in their lunch the next day, they seem to really enjoy it. Here's what I'll be giving out this Halloween.

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