Health Coaching Again

When I first got certified as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I started doing one-on-one health coaching. I was nervous and started off just working with family and friends. It took awhile before someone reached out to me that I didn't know. I was so far out of my comfort zone and wanted to throw in the towel. How was I going to help anyone? It's not like I'm perfect or know everything there is to know about all foods, vitamins, diets, conditions, etc. But after working with her on her son's issue, I received positive feedback and realized maybe this is something I can continue doing.

After some time, I was happy to see the improvements in the clients I was working with but I wanted to reach more people instead of one-to-one. I started doing group detoxes with health coaching support. It was great to have a whole group of people working together on the same program but it still didn't feel like enough.

As I was out and about with my children, I noticed all the unhealthy options that were so readily available and wanted to make a change. I started doing healthy vending machines in my area. More locations outside my area wanted them but I couldn't manage outside my area so I started doing healthy snack displays and subscription boxes to reach more people.

I was recently looking for an old email and stumbled on an email from my first non family/friend and it sparked something in me. She wrote "Thank you Christy for being so persistent, diligent, professional and so caring!!"

Then she included a testimonial to share. "I can't recommend Christy enough, she is an amazing Health coach! Through an Internet search I found Christy Venter at HealthyMEliving! When I first contacted her she took so much of her time getting to know my situation with my son. She took the time to get to know all my sons background information with what he's been through, what he is currently on medication wise, and things that seem to work for us. Through all this info I provided to her she was able to come up with a variety of natural solutions that I never even knew really existed! She provided me the knowledge, and kid friendly recipes I needed to ensure I was able to make this work! I honestly can't praise her enough for all the great work she had done for me! Going from test after test to hospital after hospital procedure to FINALLY something working has been amazing!!! I am so thankful I found her!"

The email reminded why I became a Health Coach and I brainstormed how to make myself available to more people instead of purely one-to-one in person. I decided to do unlimited virtual health coaching support on a monthly basis. No need to schedule appointments, be available at certain times, not be able to reach me on the day you actually need support or guidance. I want to be of assistance to whomever needs it, whenever they need it. It's still a personalized program specific to each individuals needs and with a more ongoing approach than a scheduled one. If you're interested in trying it out, you can find more information here.


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