Limited-Edition The She Shift's Female Superhero Box

As a healthy initiative for children, HealthyMe Living is collaborating with The She Shift LLC to provide a healthy snack box for children that is centered around The She Shift’s female superhero characters; Inspiration Icons. Inspiration Icons promote diversity, empowerment and positive physical and mental wellness. Each character represents qualities and values including: confidence, wellness, kindness, leadership, integrity, positivity, and success/following dreams and goals.

Within each Inspiration Icons’ healthy snack box, there is a card with a promotional code for 10% off of the Inspiration Icons’ videos and a link to the videos where children will learn about each character and a lesson in the important qualities and values that they represent. HealthyMe Living and The She Shift are hoping to encourage positive physical and mental wellbeing with this initiative. 

*Disclaimer: Inspiration Icons’ healthy food box and videos are not intended to suggest medical advice or information as it relates to physical or mental health. Snack items may contain allergens, please read label carefully. Thank you.

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