Not your average

Vending Machine

Our vending machines are top of the line with high tech functionality and a sleek, modern appearance.

High Tech

The vending machines have a guaranteed vend feature where a laser beam goes across the drop down shoot so the coil doesn't stop turning until a product breaks the beam. 

Each machine has an LCD touchscreen in order to accept mobile pay, credit cards, display nutrition information or contact the vendor.

Sleek and modern

The machine has an attractive black and silver look, without bright colors, so it can blend in with any surroundings.  It's also very thin in order to not take up much space. It's width is only 29.5".

Energy Efficient

This machine offers best in case energy efficiency. It actually has an Energy Star rating. It uses LED lighting and has an automatic shut down mode when not in use. It's a machine you can feel good about.

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