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Why we love it?


Like a dessert with no regrets! Every Symmetree Bar contains zero GMOs and other controversial ingredients, and is sourced with only organic ingredients. This bar uses fat for fuel. Contrary to common belief, some fats assist your body in losing weight and preserving muscle. These bars aren’t ashamed of functional fat to keep you feeling fueled for hours. Check out these bars various flavors of chocolate chip cookie dough, maple almond crunch, pecan pie, and white chocolate raspberry for a love at first bite. 

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Why we love it?

A convenient, healthy, first egg based snack. You’ll enjoy a fully cooked omelet with a long shelf-life with no refrigeration or chemical preservatives. Pop your favorite variety pack in the microwave for less than 20 seconds to enjoy a nutritious, melty on-the-go omelet. Scramblers care deeply about their ingredients, so partnering with the #1 organic eggs was a no brainer. Make your mornings easier with better breakfasting. 

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