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Why we love it?


Fuel your body with a high-energy grain! Perfect for the young ones as they go back to school, with allergy friendly options and low choking hazards. Not only to do Orthodontist’s love us, we fuel you longer and power you throughout the day! Sea Salt if you are in the mood for classic or White Cheddar for real cheesy fingers, you can’t go wrong with this popcorn.

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Why we love it?

Bohana’s win over Shark Tank will surely win you over as well!  The whole mindset behind this snacking is simply listening to your body and feeding your soul. This snack comes from a place of national and spiritual goodness in order to fuel yourself with nothing but protein, and plant-based wealth. 20% less calories, 65% less fat and 50% more protein than your regular popcorn! This variety pack is loaded with flavor and melt in your mouth without any kernels.

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