As a Certified Health Coach and mother of two girls, I've always tried to be aware of what I was eating and feeding my kids. I'd often be out and about with the kids when hunger would strike and was disappointed with the options available. I'd try to have a snack handy but often I'd forget to replenish it and have nothing available. I longed for a quick and easy healthy snack while on the go for those moments when I was unprepared. 


One day during a visit to my daughter's district high school, I noticed the options they were offering the students. It was once again the foods that I'd HAVE to resort to when I was out. Why couldn't the healthier packaged snacks I had at home be just as easily available as the packaged snacks I could easily get my hands on?

I spoke to the District Food Director and asked about a healthy vending machine as an option. He said I could put one in the cafeteria. Except I knew nothing about vending. I researched and read all about it and purchased a machine for the local high school. Then I thought I should put one in the middle school as well. The machine at the high school was so popular that I needed to put another machine in the building. 

As time went on, I was asked by people if I'd put one in their office or fitness studio. Before I knew it, I had a healthy vending business.

It's not what I planned on

doing but I love making

healthier options more 

available so that others

don't have the problem

finding healthier options

like I once did.

Watch to hear more about my story

Starts around minute 15

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